F/00d Panel Debate

My exhibition at the Free Space Gallery is now over. Thanks to all who went along to see the work, I hope it was enjoyed by all. As part of the programme I took part in a live panel debate surrounding food and sustainability, which took place at the exhibition itself.  Guests included:

Jayant Patel: Vegetarian Society (https://www.vegsoc.org/)
Fernanda Costa: LEAP (http://www.creativehealthlab.com/)
Alex Moore: Artist (http://www.alexmoorephotography.com/Home.html)
Melissa Hardwick: Arts Manager & Curator (http://www.freespacegallery.org)

If you weren’t able to attend you can listen to a recording of the debate below. Enjoy!



Recently I have been working with the surplus food charity FoodCycle on their mission to transform unwanted food into a more sustainable future. The charity takes on end of life produce from supermarkets and suppliers and works with talented chefs and volunteer groups to turn would be waste into gastronomic delights which in turn benefit those in need. Past events include a Cook and Dine experience with michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli and The Forgotten Feast with eco-chef and restauranteur Tom Hunt. Here are a few pictures from the past week:

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The Times Eureka Magazine Young Photographer of the Year Awards

Last night I went along to the Eureka Magazine Young Photographer of the Year Awards ceremony at The Royal Institution of Great Britain (science mecca). Didn’t manage to scoop any prizes this time however I was absolutely thrilled to be treated to a very inspirational speech by none other than the talented Simon Norfolk. Norfolk is somewhat of an idol of mine, you should be able to find me ranting about his work somewhere on this blog. Even more thrilling was that I got to shake his hand and we had a bit of a chinwag afterwards.  If you picked up The Times newspaper today you may have seen my work in the Eureka supplement. Rather proud to note that this is my second time between the covers of The Times, home to some of the worlds most respected photojournalism, and I’ll be working damned hard to make sure that it’s not the last. Here are some pictures.

Eureka Young Photographer of the Year Awards

I am delighted to announce that I have been shortlisted in the first Eureka Young Photographer of the Year Awards. The Times exclusive Eureka Magazine is dedicated to science, life and the environment. Their first Young Photographer of the Year Awards set a challenge for younger readers to engage with science by creating original photography and film that would help to make science, technology and the environment come alive. I am very proud to say that I am one of those photographers and have had my work selected to be exhibited this June at the Royal Institution alongside the 11 other shortlisted contestants. Click here to view the full shortlist and read more about the award/exhibition.

Taken from F/00d (Eaten) by Alex Moore

IdeasTap Magnum Photos Award Screening

On Monday night I attended the official screening of The IdeasTap Photographic Award Final at Magnum Photos London. My work ‘Temples’, alongside the other finalists, was shown to some of the industry’s top dogs and the overall winners of the award were announced. Unfortunately I was not one of them. Though I can’t say I am too surprised, my work just ain’t Magnum…and I’m British. Nonetheless I had a great time, met some fantastic people and got very drunk. Here are some pictures from the night taken by brilliant photographer Ambra Vernuccio:

On a side note I have been thinking a lot lately about the role of the photographer as artist or journalist. I stumbled upon a discussion on Conscientious.com which I feel summed up the current divide in practitioners and critics alike. Information vs opinion! I particularly liked this quote from author Joerg Colberg:

“Isn’t it the role of the artist to brush against the grain? How can you brush against the grain when you’re trying to hide behind your work?”

If you weren’t at Magnum then you can see my video here on Vimeo. (To recreate the experience you will need rather strong wine and miniature marine based canapes)

All images copyright Ambra Vernuccio. To see more of Ambra’s work visit ambravernuccio.com or to see the rest of monday night’s images visit her Flickr stream